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6 To 8 Weeks Prior To Your Move

Organization and planning ahead are key to any relocation. Decide which items are going with you to your new locale and which are to stay behind. Have a garage sale to get rid of the items you no longer need. Perhaps you can give them to friends or donate any unwanted furniture to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or any such charitable organization. You might even consider selling your extra items online through EBay.

Start gathering packing and shipping supplies if you intend on doing any of the packing yourself. These materials can be obtained from your agent or local moving company. Make a floor plan of your new home and decide how the furniture will be placed. Having a good working knowledge of this will make unloading your belongings go much smoother.

Get acquainted with your new neighborhood. You will be able to obtain information about schools and community from your local chamber of commerce.
Your travel arraignments if necessary need to be made at this point. Try to keep your plan as flexible as possible to accommodate any changes or delays.

4 To 5 Weeks Prior To The Move

Get in touch with the Post Office to put in your change of address information. Some of the people you should notify are:

Friends and Family
Utility Companies
Banks and Financial Institutions
Insurance Providers
Health Providers
Government Agencies
Educational Institutions

3 Weeks Prior To Moving

Prepare your auto registrations to be transferred. Make arraignments for your pets and decide what you want to do with all those plants hanging around. Dispose of all aerosols, corrosives and ammunition. Empty lawn mower fuel tanks and propane tanks.

2 Weeks Prior To The Move

2 Weeks Prior To The Move

1 Week Prior To The Move

Prepare the items you will need while in transit, pack a suitcase with a couple changes of clothes and some toiletries. Make sure that the insurance company knows your new address and phone number. Consult the moving company about protecting and insuring your belongings

1 Day Prior To Your Move

Defrost and clean refrigerators at least 24 hours ahead of time, as well as any other major appliances that will be moved. Pack a box of things you will need the first couple of days in your new home until you have everything unpacked. Be certain that all services have been carried out before signing for them.

The Day Of The Move

Make yourself available to the moving team throughout the day, your guidance will be invaluable. Make a final tour of your house to ensure nothing was overlooked. Inventory your items as they are unloaded, be sure to bring to the drivers attention any damage that you might suspect. Sign the bill of lading and be sure that your new phone number and address are correct.

Above all else, do not procrastinate. So many people put planning off for a later date and the next thing they realize is that the time of the move is upon them and they are not prepared.

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